Identity Fraud


Don’t Be This Guy.

Don’t be that guy. The one who gives away personal information on the web. There is one identity fraud victim every 3 seconds. Social networking sites make your personal information publically available, putting you at risk of identity theft. Take a moment and think before you post.

Trend Micro Security helps you to stay safe online.

Security Tips to keep personal information private

  • Know when and where to share your personal information online – don’t share your credit card details unless you’re shopping online. Cybercriminals may be eavesdropping.
  • Ask yourself before clicking on that ‘Share’ button: can someone use this information against me? Protect yourself by only sharing information that you know can’t be used against you.
  • Customize your privacy settings and limit those who can view your posts to “Friends” only. This prevents anyone outside your Friends list from seeing your posts.
  • Turn on your social networking profile security settings where applicable. This helps prevent unauthorized access to your account.
  • Use a privacy scanner to make sure your social networking accounts are secure. This helps you find and fix any security gaps you may have missed when securing your social networking accounts.