Mobile Security


Don’t Be This Guy.

Don’t be that guy. The one who orders every app he sees without knowing whether or not they are safe from threats. Apps might look good on the surface, but can often hide a nasty surprise. Cybercriminals create malicious apps, and dangerous websites designed to steal your private data

Trend Micro Mobile Security detects and blocks the bad stuff, keeping your mobile devices protected.

Security Tips for mobile security

  • Check the permissions requested by all the apps you’re downloading. If an app asks for more information than it should, do not download it. Chances are it’s a Premium Service abuser – apps that hit you with exorbitant charges by sending messages to premium-rate numbers.
  • Check the reviews of the apps you’re downloading. The users’ comments will clue you in on whether it’s a fake app or the genuine article.
  • Only download apps straight from the source, or from trusted app stores and websites. This eliminates the chance of you downloading mobile malware disguised as fake apps.
  • Check the details of your downloaded app. If the title is misspelled or it lists certain details wrong (like developer name) then it may be malware. Uninstall it immediately.
  • Install a mobile security solution that automatically scans for malicious apps on all your mobile devices.