Online Privacy


Don’t Be This Guy.

Don’t be that guy. The one who doesn’t keep his private messages private. Many social media users aren’t aware of their privacy settings on the web. 1 in 5 people have posted something online that they have regretted.

Trend Micro Security software scans your Facebook and other social sites to ensure your posts and information remain private.

Security Tips to keep information private

  • If you have to share something with someone, use the private messaging feature of your social media network/application. This stops cyber-eavesdropping.
  • Turn on your social networking profile security settings when applicable. This helps prevent unauthorized access to your account.
  • Only tag those that would want to be tagged in an update or a photo. This prevents against everyone in your contacts being spammed with notifications. Consequently, don’t let yourself get tagged in an update or photo easily.
  • Don’t share anything about anyone that you don’t want shared about yourself. Respect other people’s privacy, even online.
  • Use a privacy scanner to make sure your social networking accounts are secure. This helps you find and fix any security gaps you may have missed when securing your social networking accounts.