Password Management


Don’t Be This Guy.

Don’t be that guy. The one who has the same password to every online account. On average people have 26 accounts but only 5 passwords – Making it easy for cybercriminals to steal your private data if they hack just one account. Trend Micro Maximum Security includes a password manager to help you easily sign into websites without having to remember multiple passwords.

With Titanium Security you can relax and enjoy your digital life safely.

Security Tips for password management

  • Use a unique password for every account you make, on every device you own. This helps prevent against unauthorized access or account hacking.
  • Enable two-step verification whenever available. This protects against account hacking and keeps your accounts safe.
  • Disable auto-fill/auto-complete feature on your browser via its settings. This prevents anyone using your computer or device to log into your accounts using your saved passwords/account details. Additionally, clear out your cache/cookies/browsing history after every browsing session.
  • Use long and complex passwords and make sure that only you know the answers to your security questions (for when you want to change your password).
  • Use a password management tool to automate password creation and management. This helps you not only create secure passwords, but also keep track of each one.