Phishing Scams and Viruses


Don’t Be This Guy.

Don’t be that guy. The one who falls for bank scams. Security threats aren’t just limited to viruses. Trend Micro Security Software protects against phishing emails and malicious websites designed to trick you into revealing personal information.

With Trend Micro Security you can relax and enjoy your digital life safely.

Security Tips to protect against scams and viruses

  • Bookmark the websites you regularly go to; this eliminates the need of typing URLs out and making errors in the process. This prevents the chances of you accidentally going to a phishing website.
  • Don’t click on links in online banking email notifications, especially if they’re unexpected. They could lead to a phishing website.
  • If you do fall for an online banking scam, immediately contact your bank and inform them of what happened. The earlier you notify them, the quicker they’ll be able to resolve the issue. Additionally, keep up with the latest scam information to protect yourself.
  • Use your mobile browsers’ or browser apps’ private browsing settings, especially for sensitive banking transactions. This prevents against cyber-eavesdropping, and thus protects against your account being hacked into.
  • Install a security solution on your devices to block online banking scams and threats.